Outdoor QRP Equipment

Hiking is fun and QRP is fun. Both can be combined using homebrew equipment :)

This is my current light-weight QRP equipment for hiking:

  • ATS-4 (KD1JV)
  • T1 ATU (Elecraft)
  • Antenna (Buddipole)
    • VersaTee
    • Shock-cord Whip 7 elements
    • 2x Antenna Arm 22”
    • Ground wire (~10m)
    • Coax Cable (RG174)
  • PPK Straight Key (Palm Radio)
  • 10 AA Cells (Eneloop) with PowerPoles
  • Sennheiser Earphones
  • Everything tied together using hook-and-loop-tape

Buddipole Antenna in Yosemite Park QRP Equipment